Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How to Survive: A Family Stricken by the Flu

Remember this?

Yea well, I totally spoke too soon. Apparently our whole family got the flu...as in Sam, then me, then Grey and Bob and then, Bo. (Note: It's been about a month since I started this post. Things haven't slowed down. Also, Sam has had some bug over the last two days so yes, more throwing up. Yeaaaaa.) (Note after the note: This posted with the original date I started typing...so actually Grey also had another stomach bug and the allergies are going full-force at our house.)

Bo is the only one who got tested but all signs point to the fact that we all had it. And since we were staggered, that meant many days of fever, joint pain, body aches, runny noses, sneezing, coughing. It was pretty terrible.

(Please know I'm aware of people with very sick children, or who are very sick themselves. Obviously I'm not trying to diminish what they deal with on a day-to-day basis, just noting how rough this was for us.)

I keep thinking of stuff to share here and stopping myself because it just sounds like I'm whining and complaining. In reality, I guess that's what I'd be doing. Suffice it to say, it's been a pretty rough couple of weeks between the stomach bug and then all of us getting the flu.

So, in lieu of more complaining here's a little survival guide of sorts, just in case you happen to find your whole family coming down with the flu.

1 - If you can, quarintine people. For us, the flu proved to be very contagious. Maybe that's because it hangs around for so long.

2 - Load up on Gatorade, Powerade, Propel, Pedialyte, whatever. Then proceed to pump fluids if anyone has a fever.

3 - Be prepared with extra sheets. Any throwing up or extreme sweating during the night may neccesitate changing sheets.

4 - Focus on being patient. Your patience.will.wear.thin.

5 - Accept it. Accept that it's going to last a while and by a while, I mean at least 5 days. This will ease quite a bit of frustration.

How many of y'all have gotten the flu? Did you get the shot?
We didn't. In the midst of your entire family having the flu, not getting the shots makes you feel like a complete moron.


Courtney said...

you know we had it right before christmas. it.was.misery. i am SO sorry it struck all of you, and i pray it's the last of winter/spring sickness for the carter fam! we didn't get the flu shot either, but from here on out i think we'll probably lining up for it on the 1st day it's available!

Jennifer said...

Harris and I had the flu back in January. The last time any of us had it was about 3 years ago or so? That time, I was the only one who got it.

I'm a BIG advocate for getting on Tamiflu the moment you know it's the flu. In my case, when I had it 3 yrs ago, the doctor suggested the whole family get on it because it acts as a preventative as well. And it did the trick. This time, we did the same thing, had everyone on Tamiflu, and I'm convinced it's the main reason we didn't ALL get sick with it. All I had to do was all the pediatrician's office and tell them I had the flu and asked if they could call in some Tamiflu for my kids, and they did.

As for the flu shot...no, never have. Don't plan on starting now.