Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Something Should End Before You Review It, Right?

That's my excuse for juuust now getting to our 2010, Year in Review post.

I know, the suspense is killing you so I'll get right to it.

In January, we began to realize just how completely horrifying blow-up things were to Sam.
I enjoyed seeing Sam really start to enjoy Grey.
And Sam asked lots of questions about what kind of milk Grey was getting.

In February, Sam coined the phrase, "Moon pie, whaaat?"
Grey turned 6 months old. (ohmygoodness cute!)
It snowed and we played in it.
We got pregnant with Bo.
Bob and I went away for a couple days and it was amazing.

In March, I started couponing.
The Stantons came to visit.
We went to Atlanta to celebrate Laura's (Ya-Ya) birthday.
We found out and announced we were pregnant with Bo.

In April, we bought a minivan, affectionately named the iVan.
Also, Sam knocked over that lady in Chick-fil-a. That seems like forever ago!

In May, nothing too big happened.
Sam and Grey were both cute.
We went to the pool a lot. And Splash Beach, but I don't have any pictures of that.

In June, we went to visit my grandparents in North Carolina.
I hit 4 months in my pregnancy with Bo. We found out he was a he.
We celebrated our dads.

In July, I decided Sam seemed really grown up and I posted some pictures of him from when we went to visit Bob's grandparents in Pennsylvania.
I hit 5 months in my pregnancy with Bo.
Laura and I got to go visit Julie in Colorado.

In August, I blogged a lot more often.
I had a great proud-mom moment with Sam.
Grey turned 1.
I hit 6 months in my pregnancy with Bo.
We went on our annual family beach trip.
We potty-trained Sam.
Sam started preschool.

In September, I hit 7 months in my pregnancy with Bo.
I was pretty hard on myself. Hard or honest...? And I guess I felt bad because I gave myself an encouraging post after that one.
Grey played with poop in his crib.
We went to visit the Stantons.

In October, I hit 8 months in my pregnancy with Bo.
I got a sneak-peek at how Grey will copy Sam's behavior.
Sam turned 3 and I felt old because of it.

In November, I hit 9 months in my pregnancy with Bo.
I passed my due date and went another week and a half.
With quite an entrance, Bo was born.

And in December, I made a Christmas Card Frame.
We sent out and got tons of Christmas cards.
Bo turned 1 month old.

Of course there was plenty of other stuff that didn't make this post or didn't even make the blog. This is long enough though, isn't it?


Lindsay said...

That's a pretty big and great year! Did you ever think at the end of 2009 that you'd have a new baby at the end of 2010? Life can move so fast sometimes.

amy (metz) walker said...

Love.this.post. That is all.