Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another Quick Little Trip to Colorado

I just got back from a trip to Denver, CO to visit my youngest sister, Julie, see where she's been working and living, and hang out with her and Laura, my middle sis. We had a blast!

We ate some delicious food (true chunks united), hiked in Estes Park (where it was incredibly windy), relaxed, laughed, slept until we woke up, and watched quite a bit of Downton Abby.

Estes Park


Laura and I making sure we've got sure-footing.

There we go.
At one of our delicious breakfasts.

It was so nice to spend some time with my sisters, spend some time in beautiful Colorado AND have a little time off from responsbility. It's also nice to really, really miss your family. Know what I mean?

Bob, Ebee & Poppa, thanks for making it possible for me to go! Pop-Pop and Nana, thanks so much for the delicious Easter dinner right when I got back - what a sweet deal!

Laura, thanks for coordinating and making the trip! Julie, thanks for hosting us and showing us Denver!


jessica said...

You girls are so cute. Love the last pic of you three in your boots. Glad you had fun! and glad you have sisters - such a blessing, I know!

Rachel said...

That looks divine. I'm so glad you got to go!!

megan and nick said...

What a fun trip! I hope my girls are close like that when they grow up!
And, you say you have a baby in that belly?!? You look great! How far along are you now?

Anonymous said...

i LOVE estes park! my grandmother lived in north colorado and used to take us there every summer. we would hike around bear lake and eat lunch. looks like you guys had a blast!