Tuesday, April 10, 2012

If He Wants It, He'll Probably Build It

Our dinners, well meals, are pretty crazy. They are noisy, it's difficult for Bob and I to carry on any type of conversation, food is either being dropped, thrown or spilled, and some instruction or discipline is usually being carried out for such.

When the kids finish eating, and they've suffered long enough by sitting at the table for "family time," we let them go play while we finish eating. As sweet as it is, they obviously want to be with us since they end up back in the dining room with noisy toys.

The only room on our main level that has carpet is the living room, so there are certain toys we prefer to have live in that particular room. Basically anything with knobby plastic tires doesn't need to be on slate or wood.

The other night, Bob specifically reminded Sam to keep a certain toy off the hardwoods.

Here is Sam's solution to that request.

That trail ended up going around the corner to the left, and included pillows, blankets, puzzles and box lids. So resourceful.

And please know that Bo is saying "cheese." He does it every time you pull out a camera. Fantastic.

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