Monday, April 16, 2012

Once Again, My Children Prove Candy Advertising Is Aimed Directly At Them

Tell a child something and most times, they'll take it quite literally.

Here, I'll show you.

Sam and I had dentist appointments today. After we got through all the debate about whether or not he was going to go with me, (he said he was NOT going to go, I told him he was), and decided what his treat would be afterwards, we headed out.

I was elected to go first. Yay. Sam kinda watched while I was scraped, poked, polished, and flossed. The rest of the time he snorted at me, ran his toys around the wall, jumped up and kicked the wall, and drank my swish water...oh and pushed all the water buttons he could find. Obviously he was getting away with more of this than usual because my mouth was full of dental tools.

After his turn, during which he did just fine, I had my final check from the dentist. He got part of his treat, a few Skittles, one of each color to be specific. Now, I had been talking up the Skittles, telling him it was like tasting the rainbow because of all the different colors. You know, employing their own advertising strategy.

While I'm laying in the chair, with him at my feet and the dentist checking my bite, I hear the hygienist (who was great by the way and had lots of experience with pediatric dentistry) say, "oh! Sam, do you need a paper towel?!" To which he replied, "noooo, I was just looking at the rainbow." I busted out laughing, knowing he was filling up his hand with Skittle spit.

Who can blame him? Well done Skittles, well done.


Melissa said...

Oh Sam, how we love you, little man! This is hilarious...and you sure are gutsy to take him with you to a cleaning. We have separate dentists - I tend to treat my dental visits like a spa treatment. Ha!

Laura said...

I can't stop laughing at this picture. :)

Kristin said...

hahahahahhahahahaahahahaa gross but hilarious and logical! go Sam!