Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dating Advice

We try to take our kids on "dates" pretty regularly. As in, one parent with one kid for a little quality time where they get all of our attention. Usually we end up at Yogurt Mountain for these dates. I don't hate that. Sometimes, we just go run an errand. This is, of course, fun for them because they get to walk inside, instead of ride in a cart, and put all the merchandise up on the conveyor belt, or "pay for it."

A few days ago, I picked up Chick-fil-a and Grey, Bo, and I went and had a little picnic near Sam's school while we waited to pick him up. I mentioned to Grey that it was kinda like we were having a date (since Bo was strapped in a stroller and therefore, was pretty low maintenance).

I complimented Grey on holding the door open for me and using good manners. I reminded him that was the way he should act when he gets older and takes a girl out on a date. Here's how our conversation went.

Me: Grey, you sure are being a gentleman...holding the door open for me and using such nice manners!
Grey: Yea...
Me: That's how you should act when you get older and take a girl on a real date. Guys should take care of girls on their dates.
Grey: (silence)
Me: Really, the only difference is that you'll need to pay for the girl.
Grey: How she gunna fit? (with quite the confused face)
Me: Huh?
Grey: How she gunna fit on da paya? (Translation: How is she going to fit on the conveyor belt?)
Me: Oh, hahaha, no honey...I mean you'll need to buy her food for her, not actually pay for HER.

That's an entirely different conversation.


Alicia said...

LOL! Hopefully you won't actually have to have that conversation later :) Kids are so funny!

Anonymous said...

i can just see Grey sliding a small girl across the self checkout scanner at walmart!


jessica said...

I love how their little minds work!!! So literal! I can't wait to have conversations like this with D! No telling what will come out of his little mouth.

Melissa said...

I read this out loud to Thomas last night and we both cracked up!! Way to go, Grey.

Rebecca said...


Anonymous said...

Grey had better find himself a great part-time job during high school and college b/c I can see him going out on lots of dates! Eebbs

Rachel Garcia, CD(DONA) said...

oh my wow. i just got a huge belly laugh. wow.

Rachel @ Grasping for Objectivity said...

I love it!! Too cute.