Monday, December 17, 2012

Charli–1 Month and 2 Months

This sweet little thing is fitting in just right with our rough and tumble family. It’s amazing how much easier it’s been going from 3 kids to 4, versus going from 2 to 3. Everyone who said that was the case, spoke the truth. Thankfully.

I’m amazed by how gently the boys are with Charli, for the most part. I’d say they were pretty much obsessed with her for the first 2 or 3 weeks, always wanting to hold her, asking if they could feed her, acting shocked every time she moved or opened her eyes. It’s been so much fun seeing them be excited about her.

Grey especially loves to care for things. In the past, he’s been the dad (and mom) to his stuffed animals, or as he calls them, his babies. He’s also the one who told us, in the sweetest little voice, “I wish we had a pet… I wish we could have a puppy.” Break my heart! That, friends, is how people end up with pets they don’t actually want. I finally communicated to him that we got an infant, we don’t need a pet. I think he bought it, for now.

All the boys comment on how cute Charli is and how sweet she is. She’s smiling a ton now too and I can’t wait for them to realize they can make her smile and laugh too!

Charli 1 month
Charli’s almost 7 weeks now so I’m obviously a little late in posting this 1 month update. I’ll try to make sure the updates correspond with her age though since I’ll, most definitely, be late getting them up all the time.

I always forget how little newborns are. I mean, thankfully they’re small, but it’s still a shock to remember just how small they are. I’m trying to soak up every little ounce of the tiny baby phase, since yes, this was our last planned pregnancy. I don’t expect to experience this again. It’s definitely difficult at times, when she just won’t get settled and I can tell she’s in pain. Like her brothers, Charli has been quite gassy. I hate that. It’s so hard to see such a tiny thing be in such pain and not be able to help them feel better. Plus, it’s really hard to listen to all the crying and not be able to fix it. Honestly.

charli gas pain
Charli is sweet, snuggly, and petite. She has small hands, long fingers, curly eyelashes, and looks a lot like a feminine, newborn Sam. She sleeps great with lots of noise (as I’m typing this, the boys are playing/screaming right around her and she’s rocking away and sleeping in the swing).

Bob is completely in love with her, too. It is a different kind of blessing to see him with a daughter. I mean it is a huge blessing to me to see how he fathers the boys and to think how his interactions with them will shape them as men, later in life. I didn’t really expect it to seem different to watch him with a daughter, but it does, already.

True to form, I’m even later posting this than I thought I would be. Time to just round it out with a 2 month update too.
2 Months
In Charli’s short little life, she has made a trip to the NICU, which ended up being more precautionary than anything annnnd a trip to the ER. Both of those resulted in a few nights spent in the hospital slash special bonding time for me and my girl. Trying to look on the bright side here, folks. It really was nice to get to focus so much attention on her and hold her so much without any competing responsibilities. Of course, it would’ve been nice to have that without the medical scariness and bills, but it was nice nonetheless.

Charli, we love ya!


jessica said...

I love the first 2 month pic - so sweet! She does look like a feminine baby Sam - I totally see it! And it is amazing how different daddies can be with boys and girls. it's just different. and so sweet. thanks for sharing the update!

Mrs. Butler said...

Oh my gosh, she is SO adorable, Greta!