Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Torturing Everyone to Get Some Good Photos

We had our annual family photo shoot a month or so ago.  It was crazy, if you can imagine.
Here are a few…
I absolutely love the shots she got of Bob with each of the kids and me with each of them. As most moms know, it's pretty difficult to get in pictures with your kids, especially when you aren't wearing pajamas and spit up. That's probably a large part of why I love these so much.
Thanks Mandy, for being patient with us and capturing some great shots!
If you need some awesome shots, I know Mandy would love to work with you. You can see some more of her work here.


Rachel said...

Those are beautiful!! Y'all look fabulous.

mandy said...

Love you guys!! They say one day you will miss this craziness!

The Pretty Pinhead said...

What a great looking family. Just found your blog on The Farmers Wife! Love it!

The Pretty Pinhead