Friday, November 8, 2013

Sam Goes to Kindergarten

Sam's been in kindergarten, at a public school (gasp!) for close to three months now.

It has been so good for him and so hard on me.

I struggled a lot with whether or not to send him to public school. Lots of our friends homeschool and have great reason to and that made me seriously consider doing it. For the time being, I decided it isn't the right thing for our family, the whole of us. Schooling is such a personal decision and honestly, it's a really hard one that is often left up to the mom.

So, I'm the mom, and I went with this decision...with a good bit of wise input from your dad.

My top concerns were (1)all the time I would miss being around you and (2)the influence on you from people that I can't know (let alone control). We don't intend to shelter you from the world. We do want to protect you though, especially at a young age. The thinking behind that is that Jesus LOVED the world...that's how He reached them. He didn't completely avoid them. So, we pour into you, we love you, we instruct you, we discipline you, we teach you. Please know, we're doing what we think is best.

Back to school.

Sam, you seem to love it. You have the sweetest teacher. Mrs. Birdsong even worked at Camp Straight Street, where you got to go last summer. She's kind and enthusiastic and firm and just great. She's an answer to my prayer for a believing teacher for you. 

You're very bright and already reading, so I was afraid you might be bored. You aren't bored! You're learning and excelling and you love riding the bus where you don't have to buckle ;).

I'm so proud of you. You're growing up and I'm so proud of you.
You're so much like your dad, who I love and respect immensely. I love the connection that gives us and the wisdom you'll get from him because of how similar you are.

You're rocking at your job. Keep it up, bud!

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