Thursday, November 7, 2013

To Grey, On Your 4th Birthday

So, by far my longest stint without blogging.
If I were in my early-mid 20s, I'd say, "sorry, not sorry."
Since I'm my early-mid 20s, I don't feel the need to apologize, or pseudo-apologize ;).

Now, to the real post.

You turned 4 a couple months ago and I'm just now getting around to writing your birthday blog post. Your dad is sick and asleep on the couch. I hate when he's down. BUT, it does afford me some time where I'm the only one awake and I can do important stuff that's been backing up in my head, like type up a couple posts.
The point of these birthday posts is that, hopefully, you kids will read them one day and it will deepen your understanding of how much I (we) love you. I think it'll also help all of us to remember what "the little years" were like and *accurately* remember if we really loved every second of them. There is SO much to love about this age and about you! You are a sensitive and kind kid. You share so easily and seem to have a generous heart. I adore that about you. I want to be more like that. You're encouraging me to be more like that. You care for others, especially when they're in pain. You're so smart - you've been adding and sounding out letters that start words. And you're just so darn thoughtful. By that, I mean that you're considerate AND you have deep thoughts. I know there is a lot going on in that head and on occasion, you ask questions, deep questions, and I just love that.
You're a handsome kid and you like to look nice. I've realized I need to specify that I think YOU are handsome, you, not the clothes you're wearing because you brought that to my attention a few days ago. I love that you care about how you look and whether or not your clothes match. You can pick out a really nice looking outfit with no help from me - that's such a great help!
You just recently decided to ride your bike without training wheels. Dad and I have known for a couple months that you could do it. You weren't ready. That's completely fine. I know it's hard to have an older sibling who is so close to you in age. Please always remember that you are just as capable as Sam and we are all on your team. We love getting to encourage you as you learn and try, and even if you fail (we all fail - don't be afraid of it!).
Grey, you add so much to our family. You were such a happy baby and you continue to keep us smiling.

We love you so SO much! Thanks for all the snuggling and hugs!

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