Friday, March 21, 2008

More Info You May, (or may not), Care to Know About Little Ol' Me

If you'll recall, I stole the idea for my first post (If I'm Being Honest), from Courtney. Honestly, I enjoyed doing it :)...again, probably because of #1 on that post. Anyway, she did 10 more (she's done 110 total!!!) and has tagged me to do the same, 10 more.

(Scroll down to see who I tag)

1. I now have a craft table for my various crafty (see #21) projects!!! I was, and I guess still am, way too excited about this.

2. I don't like tomatoes OR sweet tea. I know that's crazy since I was born and raised in the South.

3. I've started drinking decaf coffee in the mornings. The reasons are because I like to have coffee at night, especially when we have company, and most people want decaf AND because I'm trying to cut back a bit on caffeine. I do NOT order decaf at Starbucks though.

4. I'm a new fan of Spring. I used to love Summer until I was pregnant last Summer....that sort of ruined it for me...that and the 10 days of 100+ degree temp. That's hot even if you aren't pregnant.

5. I'm no good at half of this homemaker deal. I HATE cleaning and when I do it, I don't do a very good job. Put me up next to my husband, who is a bit "precise" about cleaning, and well, we just do better when he does it.

6. Dishonesty bothers me. It extremely bothers me.

7. For some reason, recently, I have become a big fan of dark chocolate. I mean, I've always liked chocolate, but I'll crave it now, occasionally. AND, I have a new favorite brand...CHOXIE. If you haven't tried it, you should. It's expensive so I don't get it very often, but I got some that was on clearance (75% off) after Valentines (I guess certain chocolate is specific to Valentines Day and therefore, cannot be sold at full price afterwards - oh well, good for me!) I just decided I need to do a post on this b/c #7 is too long.

8. I'm seriously a little concerned about where our country is headed, especially economically. I know that things are going to get's just kind of freaky seeing it happen.

9. I usually like being by myself. I think I became an introvert sometime during college and I'm ok with it.

10. Coming up with these 10 more things has been quite a struggle...what does that mean? P.S. My real #10 is that I wonder what just about everything means. From what people say to how they behave. I think there are reasons behind all these actions.

Whew! Now, I tag:
Jason - Will Jason do it???? Hmmmmm


Rachel Callahan said...

These are fun facts! And I had never read your original blog, so I went and did it and that was really fun too! We have a lot of similar dorky qualities :) When I was a kid, every year for my birthday, I had an "Office" spend-the-night party. Beforehand, My mom and I would go around to all the banks and offices and get them to give us forms and pads and pens, and we would make personalized checks for all the girls coming. We would stay up all night and play office. Yes, I love filling out forms too, and now I'm an accountant. Big surprise. :) I will try to do a post soon about at least 10 facts about me. you've inspired me!
p.s. - the random letters I had to identify to post this (extremely long) comment said something very bad.

Greta said...

Well...I don't know that I ever got to the extent of personalized checks, haha. You were hardcore!
And, that's hilarious about the letters :).

Kristin said...

first about the chocolate....these people here swear their chocolate is the best in the world (and even more in switzerland) so give me your address and next time I see some swiss or german or some other kind of dark chocolate here, I will send it to you and you tell me if you think its soooo good, as good as they claim!!

I too LOVE dark chocolate, and its so much better for you. I keep trying to up the percentage, eat 70% cacao and then go up and up, 100% is extremely bitter, but the healthiest!

I, too, am very worried about economy of the U.S. I am at an advantage now because i get 1.60$ for one euro, and when I first came here in 2003 the euro and the dollar were almost exactly the same. Its really not good....Its way too expensive for Americans to travel to Europe these days and when I move back to USA it will be hard for me to visit my friends and family here (unless things straighten up!)\\

ALSO the whole reason I used to not like tomatoes was because of the seeds and sick gooey consistency int he middle. I make roland cut the middle out if we put them in salads.

way to go with the caffeine, we women need to drink less because whenever a woman has a lump in her breast the first thing they tell you to do is stop drinking caffeine...........

i love your blogs!!! and it really keeps me informed culturally, I would have had NO Idea abou thte Choxie until I come home in the summer and I start asking people whats that whats that? Go target, but it is a bit of a mystery...........

take care,

Courtney said...

yay, i got props and a link! i hope you'll trade in a little time by yourself for play dates with me and mcm when we're in birmingham!

JBL said...

Umm...he probably won't, but you never know.

katieb said...

I am going to accept the tag just because I love you so much!!
Also, I re-read your first post because you linked to it and I hope you don't feel like ours has become a one sided friendship! I have been having a hard time lately and I DESPISE talking on the phone, especially when there is something serious to talk about so I haven't called....dumb excuse.
Anyway, we are definitely in for May 10 & 11! Can't wait!

Greta said...

Dear Katie -
Ours is definitely NOT a one-sided friendship.
I'm not huge on the phone either.
I'm psyched about May.
I love ya!