Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I Hope Y'all Aren't Getting Tired of These Yet

Corie tagged me for this and although I've already bored you all with a total of 60 things you may or may not have known about me, I'm going to do this anyway. Because, well because if I tagged you, I'd want you to play along too!
I don't think I'll tag anyone else though. If you'd like to do your own post, feel free.

What I was doing 10 years ago - 1998
1) I was attending Brookwood High School, swimming, running and playing soccer.
2) Oh! I was getting my license which also means, I was doing stupid stuff like #4.
3) I was battling mono during the later half of 1998.
4) I was changing churches and making some wonderful, lifelong friends.

Five things on my to-do list today
1)Finish up a few more pieces for a jewelry show tonight.
2)Print out a bunch of stuff for the jewelry show tonight.
3)Empty the dishwasher and clean the kitchen in general.
4)Go to the post office.
5)Follow up on a few emails.

Snacks I enjoy
1) Dark Chocolate ;) - of course I've blogged about my fav snacks
2) Goldfish
3) Gushers
4) Chips and Cheese Dip
5) Strawberries, grapes and smoked Gouda

Things I would do if I were a billionaire
1) Tithe and give a bunch so our church wouldn't have to worry about the budget for 10 or so years
2) Pay off our mortgage and our parents' mortgages
3) Pay for the rest of my sister's tuition
4) Support a bunch of missionaries we haven't be able to recently
5) Prepay for our kids' college
6) Invest a ton
7) Go to Greece, Fiji and on an Alaskan cruise (3 separate trips)
8) Send some $ to some of the people who would be writing me if I were a billionaire
9) Encourage Bob to get a part-time job, like delivering fine automobiles between dealerships
10) And to be quite honest, I'm sure I'd build a new house (with a pool) and buy some cars...a billion is a whole, whole lot.

Five of my bad habits
1) Staying up too late
2) Watching too much TV
3) Not getting the laundry right out of the dryer AND not putting it away
4) Not cleaning like I should
5) Eating too much junk food

Five places I have lived
1) Atlanta, GA
2) Athens, GA
3) Snellville, GA
4) Birmingham, AL
5) Alabaster, AL

Five jobs I've had
1) Phone girl at Buck's Pizza (really, there was no better name for the position??)
2) Accounting intern at Jim Ellis Porsche
3) Cashier/Customer Service Rep. at Bed, Bath & Beyond
4) Receptionist at an architecture firm
5) Worship ministry assistant at my church


Kristin said...

Oh Greta you CRACK ME UP!

1. I wish we lived in the same neighborhood so I could stop by and hear your rants, this is great!
2. I remember when you worked at bucks AND had mono.
3. thank you for liking dark chocolate, that's the real chcocolate. thank you aztecs!!
4. i bought goldfish at the american store, I paid, are you read for this, almost 5 dollars for one of those regular bags!!! but it was worth every fish
5. i think its greaty you and bob took a trip. Go couple time!! and I´m sure you were so excited to see sam. Some people NEVer leave their child, then they never can and the child acts up for babysitters!

your jewelry is very pretty!

kristin :)

Camille said...

Are you kidding, I am addicted to surveys. Whether or not I'm tagged, I can't help it...it's a sick little disease.

And yes, I did leave work on time but my dishwasher is still orange. I think I might just bleach it the day I move out...