Sunday, July 22, 2012

6 Boys Do Not a Quiet House Make

Prepare yourself for a bunch of pictures of really cute little boys.
A couple weeks ago, we went to visit Amy, and her boys, Baylor, Collier, and Jude (the newest addition).
Amy and I have been friends for over 15 years. 15.years. Yep, we're that old.
All the boys are pretty close in age, so it's fun to see them play together and it's fun to see how different they all are.
It was loud and crazy and testosterone-filled, but it was a blast!

Fun with water. Collie - the fountain.

Bo, fascinated with the ball. No shocker here.

Boys everywhere!

Bo attempting some scooter action.

Water guns, woohoo!

Jude helping out with breakfast. I love this shot.

Grey "holding" Jude. This child cannot be trusted with too much responsibility...

Sam with some icing on his face (from delicious cinnamon rolls we had for breakfast).

Collie with his own icing face.

Jump time.

Grey, scaling the wall.

Bay and Sam trying to plan out a rescue...that, or Sam trying to police the entrance to the trampoline.


Documentation of dinner.
Lollie and Amy are two of my oldest friends. Lollie came over for dinner, which was incredibly loud (see Bay covering his ears?) and to watch The Bachelorette.

A little adult hangout time. It was so great to see both these girls!

The boys in birth order...
Bay (5), Sam (almost 5), Collie (3), Grey (almost 3), Bo (20 months), Jude (9 months)

bribed with fruit snacks...  (by the way, Bo tried to share with Jude who is 9 months old - sweet, but dangerous)

And this is the best we least it's not super blurry.
Cute, cute boys. I love them all!
Amy and Tyler, thanks for hosting us...we always have such a great time with y'all!


Amanda Stanton said...

SO SO so fun!!! So much fun I may join next time, 2 little girls on the end of that row?

Melissa said...

I love you girls and I love your boys. Such a sweet trip!