Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday, Grey!

Sweet Grey,
How are you three already? I always say you fly under the radar, you sneaky little thing. And here we are, on the eve of your third birthday.

I'm thinking a lot about birth since I've got about 2 more months before I travel that little journey again. And since it's your birthday and birth is already on my mind, I've been thinking about your birth a lot. It was such a cool experience. Even better than the experience was the little gift we got at the end, you!

You are a thoughtful, affectionate, sweet little boy who loves to share, laugh at my jokes, laugh with your brothers, and be tickled. We love how considerate you are, your awesome curly hair (that turns into a mullet when it's wet), your freezing cold face, and how expressive you are in general.

You are a great little brother AND big brother and you're about to get to fulfill that second role a little bit more once your sister (!!) gets here. I have a feeling you'll be an awesome big brother to her too.

Thanks for telling me I'm pretty. Thanks for telling me you love me. And even thanks for telling me when you don't like my ponytail. I love you, Grey! You are a treasure for our family!


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