Monday, August 13, 2012

The Hugest Project Ever Undertaken in This House

If you follow me (or Bob, for that matter) on Twitter, then you've probably seen all the work he's been putting into renovating our boat.

To say this has been a huge project is an understatement.
To say I'm really, really proud of and impressed by him is another understatement.
And to say that it was a good feeling and so much fun to take that thing out on the water last weekend is yet guessed it, understatement.

The process included replacing tons of rotten wood, re-upholstering the seat covers (5,000 staples out. 5,000 staples in. Seriously!), putting in new carpet, painting a new floor covering (KiwiGrip), and a few additional mechanical and cosmetic touches that Bob could tell you all about, including but not limited to waxing the boat and putting new carpet and new brakes on the trailer Whew!

Here are a few pictures showing the process:
It's helpful to use the steering wheel as a focal point to help you see where everything is.
Also, Blogger's picture spacing drives me nuts. Sorry for the inconsistency.

We'll call this a "gutted before" picture.
Old, cracked seat cushions.

Some rotten wood, just a little bit of what needed to be replaced.

Before - Back Deck Cushion

After - Back Deck Cushion

A good "before" picture.

And a good "after" picture.

That gutted, "in between" picture.


Hooked up and ready to go...

We are.


Cute guys!

We forgot to pack Sam's life vest so he was stuck with this gigantic orange one. He was a great sport about it though.
Cute kid.

A little self-photography to make sure my presence was documented.

Lots of jumping...even more avoiding the propeller.

All in all, we're hoping this boat will provide tons of fun family time! So far, so good.
Thanks Bob!!


Lauren said...

How fun!! Impressive job. :)

Laura said...

That up close one of Sam climbing in the boat looks SO much like you, G!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I can see why ya'll are so impressed and excited......ya'll did a fantastic job refurbishing the boat. Looks like new. Have fun, but stay safe! Love, MM

Heather Joy said...

so awesome! What a fun family time at the lake! I hope ya'll have many more weekends of that.

Laura said...

Greta... how many times did you take that picture of yourself?

Laura said...

Greta... how many times did you take that picture of yourself?

jessica said...

So impressive! Lots of fun family memories are headed your way in that thing! looks great! Good job, Bob!

Camille said...

This is amazing! I can't believe Bob did all of that by himself. Y'all will have so much fun!